A week has gone by and we are happy to say that we survived #aydiosfrio18. I will admit though, the weather was beautiful. My Mom said she wasn’t going to take me out because it was too cold and my sweater was not thick enough. However, after a few hours of my “crying” we stumbled our way outside. WOW!!! Maybe Mom’s do know better. My paws were cold!! My Mom immediately picked me up when we reached the bottom of the stairs. I kept myself nice and toasty nuzzled in her chest for the remainder of the less than 25 yard walk to the icy covered grass.  After we came back inside, I called my bestie Daisy to see how they were holding up with this #onceinalifetime in the teens weather.

She said they as well had not gone out but were hoping that their Mom would give in as well. Moms really are a bit overprotective, aren’t they??? She started to talk to me about the Lifetime movie they were watching and how she was so confused by the plot. I tried to explain to her a bit as I had seen before, but to no avail. I told her maybe she should just stick to Hallmark movies. Now, those are some cute story lines even if at times they don’t seem believable. I proceeded to ask how my other bestie was and her response “wait, I will send you a picture.” A few seconds later, the picture arrived. It was Darla 100%. She is such a goofball.

It was a “under the covers” type of day.

I am actually hoping we get a few more cold days like that day, it would be nice to have a winter in good ol south Texas.


BeFunky Collage

Me on the top….Darla on the bottom


Winter Jacket


Another year of gifts and family gatherings have passed. I am super blessed to have family that are as loving as mine. I spent Thanksgiving at home because I was feeling a bit under the weather. These Texas allergies are no joke. I was a bit sad when I found out that my cousin Jerry had driven down with my Uncle and spent the day with the family. My mom said he is very “regal”, whatever that means. 

Christmas was fun. I tagged along and went to my Great-Grandmother’s home for awhile but my anxiety level went through the roof. I ended up having to come back home. It was fine though, I had mom turn on the TV and was able to catch up with some shows I had fallen behind on. My gifts were awesome! I received this amazing indestructible ball from my friends over at Candiae. I have been playing with this thing for two weeks now and boy this thing really is indestructible. I also love that you can put treats inside of it which allows me to practice my motor skills. 

I sent some cute toys to my cousin Jerry for Christmas. I hope he enjoys them. By the way, isn’t he adorable in his winter jacket?? #jerryiscute 


Snow??? Did someone say SNOW???

IMG_E2825  IMG_0778

I couldn’t believe it when I heard my Mom tell my brother that it was SNOWING!!! Like Snow in Texas is a once in a lifetime experience. Well, in my Mom’s case twice in her lifetime. Correction thrice in her lifetime if you want to count the less than half an inch we received back in 2011. Seeing as she is a bit “ancient” she experienced it back in 1985 when the city received OVER 13 1/2 inches!!! That is like almost as tall as I am when standing on my hind legs.

So, when I saw my brother come out from his room while hearing his friend on speaker phone tell him “Dude! It’s snowing,” I knew I had to see for myself. I put on the teeny tiny jacket (which reminds me, I have to lose some weight) and stepped outside. It was like I was in a Hallmark Movie. The ground was so soft like a down pillow. I immediately asked my Mom if I could go see the girls. She said of course and since she was having to take my brother on an errand, she didn’t mind dropping me off.

Ding Dong, the door bell chimed. Ding Dong, the door bell chimed again. No one was answering. I thought to myself “well, maybe they are out enjoying the snow.” Nope, as I was about to turn around and walk back to the car (my Mom was waiting before she drove off) the door opened. I walked in and found the girls just lying on the sofa. Darla (formerly known as Dahlia—she had an identity crises and now only goes by Darla) honestly, that suites her much more; was covered in her blanket watching Hallmark. They were watching Hallmark!! I wanted us to parade around outside and feel the snow hit our bodies. Daisy the old soul that she is said she saw it from the window and that was enough for her. I managed to convince Darla so her Mom helped her with her jacket and snow shoes and we went outside to play in the snow. It was the most awesome time ever. We may never see something like this again, unless either Ms. Stephanie or we move somewhere north where snow is a common site. Which by the way, I am working very hard in convincing my Mom. Heck, I am even throwing hints out there to my brother for universities in snow common cities.

Toodles until the next time.




SNOW DAY 2017 (7th Dec) in Texas


Recovery over for Fiona


My cousin Fiona  had a minor surgical procedure last week. I had been worried about her but my Mom has put me at ease and states Fiona is doing well. She sure did look a little out of it as you can see from the picture my Aunt sent my Mom.

I asked my Mom if she would help me get together a little get well basket for her so we worked on one all week. I baked some cherry and carrot treats as well as my speciality, squash and peanut butter biscuits. I also bought a few Greenies. Greenies are amazing and they keep the pearlies white.

We took a drive earlier today to drop the basket off. She definitely is back to herself. We drove up and she was strutting around the neighborhood. She was coming back from visiting a friend of hers three blocks over. Apparently, a Pug who moved into the neighborhood about a month ago from Nashville. She claims that his (Wyatt) Mom makes some delicious Naan bread and always makes a few extras for her to bring home for snacking. While she was telling me this it reminded of the stories my Mom has told about a poodle they had growing up named Warrior. Story goes that he would walk the neighborhood during the day and every evening would come home with a few tortillas dangling from his mouth.

After she finished her bread and some of her treats I baked her, we walked around the community. The subdivision was having a community wide yard sale. It was nice. Saw a few things well priced but like Mom said we are trying to downsize at home not bring more stuff in we don’t really need. And that was that. We said our goodbyes and off we came back home.






The Cape

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a game of Settlers of Catan with Yogi. #germanboardgames

My mom had some extra flight miles so we decided it would be nice for me to have a little getaway up to the Cape.

So off I went.

I arrived on the 9th early in the day and immediately Yogi’s family was there to pick me up from the airport.  The flight attendants were really awesome and extremely helpful as I was flying alone for the first time. #shoutouttoSWA

We grabbed some lunch and then headed to Oyster Beach where Yogi’s Dad had to help me with my fear of the ocean. He was very patient with me. He carried me out on the sand and stood next to me the entire time. He let me ease into the water all on my time. The ocean was beautiful!! I hope my mom and siblings can take a trip up here.

We have been exploring different places a little each day. Yogi’s parents usually will drop us off and then periodically check up on us with a phone call. My favorite so far has been Chatham Lighthouse. Coming in close second would have been our visit Chatham’s Godfrey Windmill. I love the never ending supply of seafood!!

#seafoodfordays  #salmonislife

It is nice because back home I usually only have seafood when my mom and I go out to eat since my siblings are not big seafood individuals.

Many more adventures on the horizon but in being honest, I sure do miss home. I miss my mom, brother, and sister (even though I don’t see her as often as I would like). Maybe I am not so much a teenager after all. Can’t wait to see them when I land on the 13th. #twomoredaystogo

FullSizeRender (1)

Yogi deep in concentration 

(love and missing you Mom and Boy)




Fright Fest

Last night was a night of rebelling!! Well, not really seeing as we had parent permission but it sounds so much cooler adding the word “rebelling.” Doesn’t it? My mom dropped me off at Dahlia’s and Daisy’s so we could do movie night. The usual titles were on the menu; Finding Nemo, Cars, The Muppets take Manhatthan (thank you HULU) and of course, Little Mermaid. Daisy surprised us by suggesting a few scary movies. After a few minutes back and forth we decided on The Conjuring

Snapped this of the girls during 


The movie was awesome!!! It made remember the days of watching scary movies with my best friend Layla. It also taught me to always ask the history of a home before making my entrance. Last thing I would want is to become possessed with some spirit from a past lifetime especially one during an era where the clothes were not cool at all. 

#alwaysremembered #foreverinmyheart  

Mrs. Z. was really cool. She made us some carrot and squash cupcakes and she even bought us some awesome caramel flavored popcorn. We ended the night with a Greenie each. We now have permission to watch one scary movie a month. Looks like our parents are finally realizing that we are growing up. #nolongerbabies #nolongerachild





Darla the flirt


Dahlia flirting with the guy in the next car as we were leaving Olive Garden ❤

My girl Darla decided to invite me to Olive Garden for lunch the other day. Her mom, Mrs Z. was kind enough to give me a lift since my Mom has been back at work.

#corvettelife #coolcar #notmymomscorolla 

We talked about work, our upcoming girls weekend getaway, #adulting, and of course BOYS!

She was about to go into detail about her first quarrel with Cleetus when we were interrupted by those scrumptious never ending breadsticks. #carbislife

Apparently, she was to meet him at the library last week and her parents were not keen on allowing her to go by herself (Daisy and I were both working that day) so she told him she couldn’t go. After some going back and forth with her mom, Mrs Z. decided to drop her off for an hour. She wasn’t able to call and give Cleetus the good news since he doesn’t have a cell phone so she just figured she would surprise him. Well, SURPRISE!! She walked into the library and found Cleetus sitting a corner on a big bean bag with some other girl! She said she kept her cool as she was walking towards them but inside she wasn’t sure how to feel. He introduced the girl as his neighbor who just ended up being there at the same time. Fast forward to our lunch date and who do we see coming in as we are leaving, YUP Cleetus and Emilie. I was proud of my girl Dahlia, she showed she was mature. She said hello, hugged Cleetus hi and goodbye and then said she would talk to him later. #darlaisbecominganadult

On the drive to drop me off Mrs Z. told us that as we get older we are going to have many heartbreaks before we find the “one” but that each heartbreak will shape us in different ways. Do all MOMS use that same line? I could have sworn my mom said the same to me. 

Who needs boyfriends when we have each other! #girlsrule 






It has been way toooo long!!!

Howdy friends!!

I know I have been MIA but life has been keeping me busy. First, I did some traveling with my best buds, Daisy and Dahlia. We took are spring worthy figures and took a drive to Lake Travis. My Mom rented a kayak and we took in the scenery. She was extra loving when she saw we were becoming famished so she treated us to a little slice of East Side Pie.

It was scrumptious!!

We also took up a part time job. We started helping out at a little fancy bistro in the neighborhood. We get paid peanuts compared to the German Shepherds, Boxers, and Pit Bulls. This wage gap needs to be worked on! Totally not fair. Anyhoo, we get paid to “bus” the tables which for us just means going around and eating everything that has fallen to the floor. 🙂 Like seriously, I scored a huge slice of Tiramisu. This little part time job also brought some other goodies per say. Dahlia has started a little work place romance with Cleetus, a four year old Boxer. Daisy and myself both told her work place romances never end well but she refused to listen to us. So they have been “dating” for about five months now. I put dating in parenthesis because her parents do not know. I can tell you if her Dad, Mr. Z found out, he would have his Corvette in that restaurant parking lot in zero to 60 in 2 seconds! He made it clear to them no dating until high school even then but Dahlia is Dahlia. We have been covering for her as much as we can. So far so good.

Summer arrived and needless to say our spring bodies just did not progress to a “summer” bod, no biggie we just strut our rolls like Divas.

Well, I best be signing off now. My mom is begging me to hang out on the sofa with her for a bit. I am not sure what has been up with her lately, I think she feels my brother and I are growing up more and more every day and we don’t want to have quality time with her. But hello…we are both teenagers! Parents are just so not hip!



❤ Bells

FullSizeRender (2)

Dahlia being Majestic..secret text she sent Cleetus







My Cousin Jerry


World, meet my cousin Jerry. My beloved Uncle D adopted him a month ago. I will say this, Jerry is one LUCKY guy! My Uncle D will undeniably be an amazing father to him. I am sure he is already being spoiled. I am going to love having another cousin to the mix. I myself have been pestering my Mom for a sibling these last few months but all I get is the “I don’t think so Bella. In a few years, your brother will go off to college and I will be what is referred to as an “empty-nester”.” Now, don’t get my Mom wrong she has been a great Mom to me and my siblings and she has also put her life aside to dedicate herself as mom. So, it is only natural that she is looking forward to being an empty-nester because then she can start living her life for herself. But…she will always be there for her kids, I included.

Back to my cousin Jerry, I think he is going to be an awesome addition to the family. Plus, he will break up the numbers. See, my grandparents only have two grandpups so Jerry coming in to the family now offsets it; so Fiona and I won’t wonder who the favorite is. Now, we will know. 🙂 and I am totally COOL with it.

The only downside is that my cousin Jerry lives about 5 hours away so I may not always be able to hang out with him but I know my Mom spoke with my Uncle and asked him to throw a picture our way every once in a while so we can see how he is growing up. Here is to the next generation.

#cousins #texanpups #spoiledbygrandparents #familialove

❤ Bells



Hide and Seek

fullsizerenderMrs. Z called yesterday aftenoon to see if I could go over and hang out and watch movies with the girls. My mom gave me permission with the understanding I put my toys away before she dropped me off. I think that was the fastest I have ever picked up after myself. Along the way, we stopped at the Walgreens so I could pick up a bag of Skinny Pop popcorn. After all, we are all watching our figures. Thirty minutes later we arrived at Mrs. Z’s place and mom kissed me goodbye. Mrs. Z put in Ice Age 2 for us and told us she would be back in an hour or so while she went out to run a few last minute errands before Christmas. The door closed and Daisy ejected Ice Age 2 and popped in Love Story. We are three single girls and what sort of movies do single girls love to watch during the holidays…dramatic romance movies. Love Story is one of my favorite all time movies, I even have the book. About an hour into the movie we heard keys jingling in at the door and we had to quickly switch out the movies and pretend we were “preteens” again. Mrs. Z walked in with bags in hand and Ice Age was on the television screen. Except, Dahlia did not get the memo that we were to sit on the sofa and pretend as if we had been watching the movie the whole time. She went and hid under the bed and as you can see from the picture not very good at it. Mrs. Z became suspicious as any Mom would and next thing you know we were being questioned. Daisy and myself played it pretty cool as we were the oldest and more experienced. Mrs. Z was buying it too until Dahlia came out from under the bed yelling “Bozo, Bozo.” She came to a screeching halt when she slid right into Mrs. Z. When Mrs. Z asked her who Bozo was Dahlia blurted out that was the name Jenny told Oliver she wanted to name her son. The confused look on Mrs. Z’s face was enough for me to do the right thing so I came out and told her we had switched the movie. She thanked me for being honest and surprised us by popping in Love Story again and sitting down and watching it with us. It turned out to be a great night especially since Mrs. Z didn’t even tell my mom of the night’s shenanigans.