Hello world!!!

So, I decided to start this delightful blog on the recommendation of my dear friend, Layla. I must admit I was a bit skeptical because although I do not like to admit, I do not have very many “friends” in the neighborhood. When I mentioned to the neighborhood Pit Bulls about wanting to start blogging they both were very supportive however, the ditsy, obnoxious little black and white chihuahua at the end of the block who has this mentality of “I own these areas” laughed at me. Luckily for me my best friend Layla (sporting her new leather jacket) was there to protect me and she made it clear to the rest of the gang that I could accomplish anything I wanted as long as I put my heart and strength into it.

Okay, well maybe my heart but really me have muscles?? What kind of kibble was that girl eating!!! Nevermind, I totally know the answer to my question, duh she eats all kinds of kibble. That girl, my bf Layla, boy can she eat!!!!

First off, I do not consider myself to be strong which is why I get the next door Pit Bulls (aside from the fact that I am totally in love with one of them….his nice strong legs, good size paws to carry me with, his dark brown eyes…okay I got to come back down to earth)  to help me lift any heavy branches or Frisbees.

But, I think I can do this…I mean, how hard can it be???

Tune in……

Woof Woof Dude and Dudettes


Bella (but the few friends I have call me Bells)



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