Ugh, this heat!!!

Okay guys, why is it that I seem to be the only one in the neighborhood that is bothered by this heat!!! I really do not know how my ancestors did it. I love my mommy and all but I really would like to see her hangout outside in the heat we have been experiencing for more than an hour. I guess to some degree I should not complain because she does allow me to come inside after a few hours but boy oh boy I have melted by then!!! I was talking with Mitzee, the neighborhood poodle and she said that the other day her mommy and daddy forgot to bring her in and she almost drowned from the rain we had gotten. I don’t know what I would have done if she would have been swept away with the rain because Mitzee at times helps me in what to say and how to act around Krueger (the Pit bull I am in love with) because she has lots of experience in the love field, she has had three litters all by different boyfriends.

The heat is not the only thing that is bothering me, I can not believe that my SPURS lost. So not only do I have to endure the heat outside, but I now have to endure watching the HEAT on TV which totally takes away from some of my favorite shows on Animal Planet 😦

My brother said it will all be over soon, but to be honest between you and me I am not to sure as to what he means. What will be over soon? The heat? or the NBA finals which will once again allow me to watch my Animal Planet….so of course because I was not 100% sure to what my brother meant, I went and asked Layla. She told me that I really needed to stop being an air head, and that really hurt my feelings. She tends to hurt my feelings often but I know that she doesn’t do it to be mean, she does it so I can get tough.

I was only able to take 5 naps today because Layla and I enjoyed some girly time with Sasha the Rottweiler from two blocks away so it is safe to say that I am TIRED!!! So I am going to be hitting up the fluffy pillow my mommy has reserved for me on our cottony, velvety pillowy bed…..zzzzz…..zzzz….zzzzz.


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