Healing takes time……

I know it has been some time since I last blogged but tons has happened.

1- Me and Layla had an incident with this Maltipoo named Gladys. She moved into the neighborhood in the middle of June and immediately took over!! Mitzee, Layla, Sasha and I were having a bachelorette party for Rebecca, the cat who lives next door on June 15th, and during the party Gladys storms into the backyard and states “Cats and Dogs DO NOT mingle” she threatened to call the Pound if the other dogs did not promise to stop associating with Rebecca. Layla took over and showed Gladys who was the Boss!!! So since then Gladys has been spreading lies throughout the neighborhood, luckily everyone knows that every single statement she is spilling out from her yucky mouth are false.

2. Sasha paid for me to go on holiday because of the heartbreak I suffered on June 26th. Where to start….so I got the courage to ask Krueger out on a date and he accepted. We went to Woofie Sushi and then took a stroll around the school playground. All was going well until June 30th. Mitzee and Sasha came over bright and early that morning to break the news….which spread through the neighborhood faster than the Nascar races. Krueger left!!! He did not even leave a note!! So me and Layla just got back this past Friday from visiting the ruins of Greece. I won’t say that I am not still hurting because I honestly I thought that Krueger and I had something wonderful but I keep going on believing in what everyone keeps telling me “Healing takes time”


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