Healed and pushing forward!!!

I took time to figure out what it was that was holding me onto any hope of Krueger and I getting back together again. After realizing that he was not coming back and that I had to push forward with my life, I got my inner spark back. The girls treated me to an extravagant “Girls Night Out” where I could finally let my ears up and let loose. We went to DoggiePalooza in Austin and met some Siberian Huskies, named Aleksei and Andrei. They were great company and were much needed in helping me realize that there are great guys still out there.
Of course the night ended somewhat sourly when we got home and my mom handed me my mail. Inside the stack was a Woofcard from Krueger. He mentioned that he was sorry for abruptly leaving and that he never wanted to hurt me. BLAH BLAH BLAH, well at least that is what Layla kept saying. He asked for me to forgive him for not being the Dog I needed him to be and that he hopes we can still be friends. I wanted to cry but realized I had been all cried out and it then hit me….I had finally healed.


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