To Move or Not to Move, that is the question??

The other evening during dinner, I overheard my Mom and Brother talking about a cruise they are hoping and praying to go on. I heard my Mom say that the cruise was going to be a short cruise but nonetheless, she felt it would be best if she found someone who I could stay with while she was out working on her tan. Maybe now would be best to say that although I love my Mom to pieces, a tan is the last thing she needs!

I am sure she will probably ask my Grandparents to watch me, which in a weird way I do not mind at all. They are good people, those loving grandparents of mine. I can understand why my wonderful Mom would feel that I needed a sitter. See, the good ol’ best friend well, she loves to eat. I almost always have to defend my right to eat. So, I am beginning to think that having a sitter or two is not such a bad thing after all.

On another note, I have applied for a part time job. If I am ever going to want to move out from my mom’s place, I am going to need to make some Wooflah. Layla and I were talking about getting a place together because then the cost of moving out would be more reasonable. We began the search for our own place almost two weeks ago and we were already beginning to get a little depressed in not finding something within our allowable budget. Then, something GRAND happened. Two nights ago while I was at the washateria, (yes, I was washing clothes again.) Layla continues to grab me by the neck and dirties all of my sweaters. Okay, back to the phone call I got the other night. The realtor that my grandmom hired to help Layla and I find a place called to let me know that the perfect place had just opened up. Conette had mentioned a one bedroom log cabin home located about six feet from my grandparents house had become vacant. The rental price had dropped about 75 Wooflas and was now 50 Wooflahs a month and that is all inclusive of all meals, water, and all you can watch Animal Planet and let us not forget unlimited internet, GO NETFLIX. So if all goes well and the job comes through for me at Frozen Woofgurt, we will be moving in within the next month.

Rebecca and Mitzie have repeatedly mentioned they would organize a housewarming party if we get the place, can you say ROAD TRIP! IKEA BOUND! I will definitely be looking forward to that because my Mom’s IKEA bedroom set is the most comfortable thing ever and I will 100% want one for our digs.


2 thoughts on “To Move or Not to Move, that is the question??

    • Gina

      We did move. Layla and I were happy in our home until the world upstairs took her away. It was painful to remain in the home so ultimately I sold it.

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