A New Journey!

Well, it is official Layla and I are homeowners. (YAY!) It is not grand in anyway but it is ours. We are so happy to start this journey together. I can honestly say I would not have embarked on this type of adventure with anyone other than my best friend. The journey began a few days ago when we met up with our realtor, Conette. My Mom cried as we were given the keys because although I did not hear her say it out loud, she feels I will not need her anymore. I do not think there will ever come a time in one’s life when they will not need their mother, a mother’s love is what keeps a child’s heart beating. The girls from the neighborhood surprised us with a housewarming party. My grandparents invited this new guy in town named Spartacus. It is from my understanding of what Layla told me, they ran into him while out running errands and buying things for our new digs and well the rest is history. Layla did make it a point to reiterate that he drove a yellow sports car, as if that would seal the deal.

I will be the first to say that I was a bit nervous when I heard the roar of the engine turn our corner while seeing the yellow car pass by through the crevices of our fence. My heart skipped many beats at that moment. He was very sweet, he brought us a bamboo tree and a plant for our new place. A few hours into the party he strolled over to where I was sitting and he sat next to me. We talked a while and he mentioned he was here for an interview and looking to start up his own business. He offered me a piece of kibble-cake….I tensed up and dropped it on myself. I think he noticed quickly how embarassed I was and called it a night. As he walked out he woofed over and gave me a nudge and asked me out on a date. I almost yelled out YES but as the refined lady my mommy has raised me to be, I merely gave a nudge yes.

Date night arrived, and I was lost for words. He took me to Orange Leaf and I had the most amazing frozen yogurt experience ever. I was completely mesmerized by the spell of his eyes. The girls stated on the night of the party that he had big, bulgy eyes but for me I was lost within them. They were perfect. We conversed about our families. He had mentioned that he was from New London, Connecticut and his parents still lived there. He had just moved back to the states from Berlin after four years and landed a job in Austin and was now looking into starting up a business here in San Antonio.

The night ended rather well, and he promised to ring me up later in the week.

Till then, good night.




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