Welcome Aboard

Last week my Mom received a call from my Pampaw asking her if she would accompany him to Petsmart to purchase some items. I was a bit confused seeing as my cousin, Malachai had been sent off with another family so he could begin his journey of fatherhood. So, of course I convinced my Mom to allow me to tag along with her for the road trip. We arrived at my grandparents home and I found myself walking into a new “environment.” I was waiting for my Pampaw to walk out from the living room excited to see me. I was wrong! No, instead he walked up to us and introduced us to their new daughter, Ouisar. Yea, no kidding. It took me almost an hour trying to pronounce her name that I got tired and just referred to her as “hey you.” Who was she? Were my grandparents really ready to love another pup, let alone another Jack Russell? In my opinion, I believe it to be too soon. I myself still shed tears for my beloved friend from time to time.

Of course, I put my personal opinion aside after I saw my Pampaw light up. I knew he himself still missed Layla but as Layla once told me “life goes on.” So, with her words circulating through the air, I immediately found myself bringing Ouiser under my wing. I gave her a tour of my grandparents home and their back yard. I allowed her to hang out in areas I considered to be sacred ground because lets face it, those were places my best friend loved to be at. I brought her up to speed with some of the neighborhood drama and those she should avoid. After a few hours, I found myself being her mentor as Layla had been to me.

Layla, my dear friend if you can hear me hear me now. I will be to her what you were to me. A friend, a confidant, but most importantly, a second mom. You helped mold me into the Canine I am today. For that, I will forever be indebted to you.

Layla, I love you and I miss you each and every day.


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