Que Viva Fiesta!!

Anyone who is anyone knows that every April for two weeks my hometown throws one of the biggest parties ever. Que Viva Fiesta. Well this once a year party girl is ready to let loose and have some PG fun, of course. My lovelies, Daisy and Lilly have decided to attend this years festividades conmigo.

I was limited to the events I was able to attend prior to this year because my beloved mommy thought I was too young. Well, with a bit of convincing and some (a lot of lovin) I was able to persuade her into allowing me to go to a few additional ones this year. I did however; have to pledge to her that I would go in a large group and stay with my group at all times. I also had to vow that either my brother or sister had to be our chaperon. If you know my brother, this type of festivity is not his cup of tea so my dear sister it is. I know she will at least let me have some fun seeing as she herself likes to party.

First off, let me say I can not wait until I have one of those famous Fiesta “gorditas.” This menu item is to die for. It is the Latino version of a pita stuffed sandwich yet nowhere near as healthy.

I can not wait to enjoy a bit of mi cultura: la musica, la comida, eschucando la idioma of my ancestors.

I have my Fiesta attire nicely ironed and prepped and my cowboy boots have been broken in. After all, Fiesta would not be what it is if not for the “Show me your boots” slogan.

Daisy and Lilly



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