While Mom’s away…I shall play

Last night was a blast! Daisy, Lilly, and I had an awesome time. I loved how my sister gave us our space and stayed a few steps behind us. She herself knew what it was like to not have a “normal” teenage life so for a few hours she allowed me to enjoy mine. We walked around the Market Square and listened to the music of the night. I even was asked to dance. Of course, seeing as my beloved Mommy did not hand down the dancing gene to me as she did to my sister I really did not want to make a mockery of myself so I kindly declined the offer. I did however; dance along to a cumbia with the girls which was actually fun. My sister joined us for that dance. I really wish I could have taken a picture but seeing as my Mommy did not give me enough time to charge my new phone let alone read the manual the ditz that I am did not know how to work the camera.
We got home a little after midnight and despite thinking my Mom was going to be mad she was actually pretty lenient.
Now the GOOD part…
My Mom and siblings decided to attend my cousin’s second birthday party today and although the invitation was extended my way, I decided to stay home and recover from last night’s mind-blowing adventures. A few hours after my family left and I had received an adequate amount of sleep the phone rang. I instantly woke up assuming it was Mommy checking up on me. When I heard the voice and immediately knew it was not her I mellowed a few degrees. The caller was my good friend Lexie. She was calling to say she was in town for the weekend and wanted to get together like old times. I was ecstatic…of course I wanted to see her.

Lexie was a close friend of both myself and Layla’s. Lexie moved to Lubbock shortly after Layla passed last year and I only had had a few telephone interactions with her since. So I gave her directions to our new home and within thirty minutes there was a knock on the door. Let me just put it out there ahead of time that I was only expecting Lexie not Lexie and a handful of other people. I should have actually known better as Lexie did have a way of making her +1 to +10. Despite being shocked at the number of guests, I allowed them in because I have manners.
We sat around the suede fire-cracker red ottoman and made the normal introductions. We talked in circles about sports and the Spurs and how they will be taking their sixth championship this year. The conversations were very intellectual. We took turns discussing the current book we each were currently reading. A few hours passed and the hunger lyrics coming from everyone’s stomach was prominent. I suggested ordering Chinese until it was mentioned that William was severely allergic to MSG. In the end the vote for pizza was 8-2, and my second suggestion for Sushi was vetoed. The pizza arrived about an hour later and we turned on the Netflix and selected a movie.
All was going great until midway through the movie someone’s music playlist turned on. The movie was paused and our living room floor instantly was converted into a dance floor. I can not say if it was because I was in the privacy of my own home or because I felt after our engaging conversation that we were now more than just acquaintances but I became someone I had never met before. I danced till I dropped dead tired. In all actuality, I was not the only one. We were all deathly exhausted. Seeing as I was raised to be responsible I did not want anyone to fall from illness therefore, I kept the water circulating the whole afternoon.
I was thankful that my Mom called while on her way home because that gave me time to clean up and get everything back in order. My mom’s OCD would definitely have given me away if I hadn’t.
Teenage life is the Best.


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