Well, needless to say I have been on restriction since last Sunday. Let me take you back to Saturday evening after I received the call from my Mom stating they were on their way back home from my cousin’s birthday party. “Bells, we are on the way. Your brother and I are just going to swing by and drop your grandmother off at home.” My response was as ordinary as a response could have been, “Okay Mom, be careful. I love y’all see you soon.” The click of the call signaling it had ended surfaced.

It escalated quickly after that…

The overwhelming extra number of people who took up residence on my living room floor began to leave in swarms. The small group of people who had come over with Lexie herself turned out to be really understanding as to why the party had to be cut short. They were really helpful in helping me clean up the mess and getting things back in order. I had even picked up around the rest of the house just to be on the safe side with the exception of my brother’s room, of course. He keeps his room to his own standards and although he probably would not even notice if something went missing because lets face it his room looks like a land mine went off, he does to some degree have a system.

Lexie was really sweet and had even slaved over the toilet making sure there had been zero accidents. As I was walking from my mom’s room I could see her mopping the floors. I walked over to her and told her she was relieved of her duties. In all honesty, I wanted to let her finish and give her more cleaning to do seeing as this was her doing. Yet, I knew that I did not have much time until my mom arrived. From day one my mom always made it clear to all three of us, “No visitors when I am not home.” If you know my mom you would know that was the law! William was a sweetheart! He took the time to take out the trash and clean up our balcony where a few members of the party had made their way too and he vacuumed. Lexie gave the nod to the rest of the group who was still contributing in their own ways that it was time to go. They were all amazing; a few of us exchanged numbers and promised to hang out in the upcoming weeks. As they were walking out the door one by one, William had mentioned to Lexie that he had called his brother for a ride and would be there soon to pick him up. It was a tricky situation because I could not allow him to stay in the apartment itself but where would he wait? I told him that he could walk the grounds and I would keep him company. I was pretty confident that my mom would be okay with me walking the grounds so I did.

We walked along the breezeway and talked. We got to know each other a bit more than the few pieces of information we had exchanged earlier in the night. I enjoyed hearing about his 2 week backpacking trip around Berlin. He told me about all the places he had visited and the street art he had seen. He said he had even been asked to pose for a few pictures. I think he was surprised at my expression when he mentioned he had been single for a few years. Seriously, how could he be single! He was devine, he had the most cutest ears and those eyes. I honestly could lose myself in his eyes. He had mentioned he had served in the Army and had recently been discharged after completing two tours. I believe he said one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan. I could be wrong of course because I kept losing myself in his look and the way he would look at me. It was nearing almost fifteen minutes that we had been walking when I saw my mom and brother pull through that gate. I was mortified! I knew I was busted. We walked over to the car and I gave my mom a hug and introduced her to him. I had never to lie before that day. I did not like it one bit but I was trying to save my “you know what.” I told her, I had seen how beautiful the day was and had decided to take a small walk around the complex. He followed my lead and told her his family had just moved in earlier in the month. I could see my brother’s expression. I only assumed he knew that it was a farce. I love him to pieces, big brother looking out for the little sister. She then gave me the spiel about only having five more minutes outside and it would be time to come inside. I took those last five minutes and placed them into a special place in my heart.

I could see my mom peeking out the window and I did not want her to embarrass me by opening the door and calling out for me so I thanked William for his helping out and shook his hand. He turned and gave me a kiss on the forehead and whispered “Bella, I have had an amazing time tonight. I would be honored if you would have dinner with me. I would also like it if we could get to know each other some more because I really like you. My phone number is 210-555-****. I look forward to hearing from you. Good night.” It was at that moment his brother pulls up in a muted navy blue 1969 Dodge Charger. He looked deliciously yummy as he got into the passenger seat.
(I am not revealing his number because I don’t want every Frida, Nicki, or Fiona calling him)

I gave a goodbye waive and traveled up those stairs to our apartment. I walked in like a Diva. Yes, I said Diva. I am allowed to be one every once in awhile. I closed the door behind me and as I turned around to walk further into the living room my beautiful, intelligent, graceful Mom was holding a credit card receipt in between her right thumb and right index finger dangling it to grab my attention. Apparently despite all the help I had cleaning up someone failed at their duty!

I was busted.

I could not hide the fact that it had that afternoon as the date let alone the time stamp on it. Plus, even if I could have how was I going to hide the fact that there was a charge for almost 10 pizzas totaling almost $75.
She asked me to give her a breakdown of what had happened and punished me to what seemed like life in prison. No, not really but at my age anything past a day or two seems to resemble life. I was bummed I did not want William to think I was not interested because I was. My awesome brother managed to sneak away my phone from my mom’s lock box and I sent William a text “Hi, I am on restriction but there wasn’t going to be anything to get in the way of me saying, I like you too.”

Five more days and counting and I will be free as a Jail Bird.



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