Freedom tastes so sweet

Due to good behavior I was released from restriction a few days early. I did not want to over step my early release so I continued to do a few chores around the house. My mom seemed impressed. I wanted to show her that I was growing up and becoming a bit more mature. After a few days, she kindly rendered my cell phone to me. As I turned it on to make my call, I saw I had voicemail after voicemail and over thirty text messages.

“Bells, I know you will not get this until a few days from now but I wanted to tell you I am thinking of you.”

“Bella, not sure which you prefer to go by seeing as I heard some call you Bella and Lexie called you Bells that night. You popped into my head and wanted to say Hi and I hope you are having a good day.”

“It is me again; I was walking along a field this morning and saw the display of flowers. I saw this one beautiful golden yellow monarch butterfly plant. It instantly reminded me of the glow that encased you as the sunset was over you that afternoon we walked around your apartment parking lot.”

“Bella, I couldn’t go a day without saying you cross my mind more than there are hours in a day. I hope you are doing well and I can’t wait to hear from you when you are freed from restriction.”

“Hi, it’s me William. I wanted to ask you if you would enjoy having dinner with me one day. I hope you say yes.”

He was a sweetheart. I was most definitely not used to this sort of attention. He was a true gentlepup.

Seeing as the screen on my phone was a bit smaller than the one found on my brother’s, sister’s, or mom’s, I was severely struggling in composing a text message. I decided to call him instead. I just feel the art of intimate conversation is dying. I was not expecting him to answer due to the countless conversations I hear my mom have saying no one answers with an incoming voice call. Fear struck me from deep within and I hung up after the second ring. I attempted again and allowed it to ring. He answered on the fourth ring.
“Hi, it is me Bells. How are you? You have crossed my mind a few times too.”

That was the beginning of what became one of the greatest conversations I have had to date.


2 thoughts on “Freedom tastes so sweet

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I would like to believe that the character I possess is a combination of all the brave, bold, vibrant women I have in my family. They have each contributed to my self being.

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