A Walk in the Park

Life has been moving smoothly for William and I. We talk every day and he sends me a good night voice text every night. Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a nice walk in the park. He was extremely sweet and made sure I stayed hydrated through out our afternoon. He walked by my side the entire time. There was a moment of fright when a 100 pound plus Rottweiler named Gustav came skipping our way.

“Hello Bells, nice to see you out here again” Gustav said. I am a lady after all and despite my hesitation in giving a reply I knew my Mom would not approve of my rudeness. “Good Afternoon Gustav, how have you been?” I replied softly. I introduced William to Gustav and they shook each other’s paws. “Pleasure to meet you” William said. “If you hurt her in any way, I will come and hunt you down.” Gustav barked at William. I began to tremble violently which had started to make a crater in the ground under my paws. “Gustav, that is not necessary. Billy is a great dog. He is nice and really treats me good. You have nothing to worry about.” I told Gustav.

Last summer shortly after I had lost my best friend I came to get lost in the park. I needed time to soak in my own solitude. One evening during my excursion I bumped into Gustav. He quickly could see that I was heartbroken and had been crying for days on end. He was kind and became sort of my shoulder to cry on. A few months went by and I could see that he started to grow feelings for me in the way I had not. We both agreed to stay friends…and now he has taken on the role of my very own Papa Dog.

“Well okay, then. I will leave ya’ll to carry on.” Gustav said. I gave him a big hug and Billy and I continued on our journey.

We ran through the obstacle course and he let me beat him. The stars were beautiful that night. We sat in the tree house were Layla and I had spent many evenings. It was the first time I had been up there since her passing. It felt weird, I stopped myself from continuing up that ramp. A few minutes went by when something out of the air came near. It was a burst of wind that pushed me up the ramp. A light sprinkle of rain submerged from the cloud above us.

It was my Layla, once again showing me everything was going to be all right.


William in the Park


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