Canidae Grain Free Dog Food Review

Hello All,

I wanted to take time today to conduct my first review on a product that changed and absolutely saved my life. Almost six months ago I went through a horrible ordeal with my health. I had lost almost 80% of my hair and dropped so much weight that my body began to look emaciated. My mom took me to see the Veterinarian who mentioned that I had started showing signs of a diabetic reaction to the corn and other fillers that were in the dog food I was being fed. It was strange to us all seeing as I had been fed all brands of dog food and had never had any health issues.

The Vet stated that I was what some could be referred to as a double whammy. You all know that I am both Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound and these breeds are known to have horrible food allergies. The double whammy caught up with me and in the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with a corn allergy. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with an allergy to wheat and soy.

My mom was having trouble finding a dog food that in essence would not get me sick or worse, kill me.

While we were shopping for a new baby for me we saw the shelf advertisement for Canidae dog food.

We got home and I immediately begged my mom to serve me some and Wowzers this stuff was amazeballs. I loved it so much that I begged my mom for a second serving. She gave in and I ate the entire second serving. This dog food is awesome. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE peas. This meal has peas and sweet potatoes. I quickly began to put my weight back on and my hair started to grow again. My outlook on life took a turn towards a brighter light. I had become embarrassed of how I had looked and it had slowly started me into my world of depression.

I started walking with my head held up high while out in public and I was now begging my mom to take me places with her.

If any of my online friends have any allergies to corn, wheat, and or soy then I absolutely recommend you try the Canidae Grain Free line dog food. I am also happy that they have their distribution plant here in Texas.

Happy Eating!!


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