Moses the Conspirator

Earlier in the week I had mentioned to my Mom that if I managed to do all my chores without once being asked could I visit my friend Moses at the end of the week. She stated she did not think there would be any problems in visiting him and she kept her word. The awesome thing about my friend Moses is that his Dad has been a long time friend of my Mom’s so hanging out with them is cool. We went over to visit them this evening and while my Mom and his Dad were catching up on life he decided to clue me in on his shenanigans.

Moses: So there is this Yorkie who moved in about two weeks ago. I have not been fully introduced to him but from what I have heard from the rest of the pack he is not nice at all. Emelie the Bichon Frise from apartment 2109 said that he bumped her while she was walking along in the dog park. You know me Bells, there is not one ounce of bad in my bones but this bully needs to learn his lesson.

Me: (looking at him with eyebrows wide up) Moses, dude I have known you for a long time and you do not have to tell me twice. I know you are nice. I also know that you care about your friends. I have heard you talk a lot about this Emelie and I would say it is safe to assume you have a mini crush on her. What can I do to help?

Moses: Well, since you asked. Okay, remember you promise this stays between you and me. The last thing I need is for my Dad to find out and then I get grounded. You and I know firsthand that being on restriction is no fun what so ever.

Me: (giggling my response) I promise. Trust me, I do not want to be grounded either. If my Mom finds out I am in on this plan of yours that is exactly what will happen.

Moses: (sits up straight and puts on this somber look) Okay, so you know how the city has an ordinance that all Owners must pick up the excrement of their animals. Well, my plan is that one night when my Dad retreats to his room I am going to take out all the poop bags from the leash container. That way when my Dad takes me out to do my business he will see there are no bags in there and he will be subjected to return back home to retrieve some. During this time period, I will pick up my waste and drop it off near their grassy area where everyone has seen him do his business. Then someone will end up being at liberty to say something to the office and both him and his owners will get reprimanded. What do you think?

Me: (face of confusion) Moses, that is the most grossest and weirdest thing I have ever heard. If I were you, I wouldn’t go through with it. Your dad will be severely disappointed in you. You will most definitely be grounded. I am not one to tell on others unless it involves life or death and seeing as well in my opinion this was dire I went to find my Mom to tell her. However; as I was telling the story both my Mom and his Dad walked over to the living room where he was at and low and behold he had deceived me. He was pretending to be asleep snoring away and all. Neither his Dad nor my Mom believed that we had just had a conversation.

Moses faking he is asleep

Moses faking he is asleep


2 thoughts on “Moses the Conspirator

    • Thank you for the read. I have an amazing circle of friends. The one friend I miss the most is Layla. I know she is looking down upon me and smiling. It is because of this thought that keeps me going.

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