Yesterday was a fun day. My mom actually allowed me to sleep a bit late. Can you believe I did not wake up until close to eleven! I woke up to the smell of banana blueberry pancakes browning on the griddle. It was awesome but due to the blueberries and almond flour being added I could not indulge in a taste. It is okay because my mom promised to make me some flour-less carrot pancakes tomorrow. For those who may not know but carrots are one of the BEST snacks you can feed your dog. I actually happen to like the crunchy texture of them and boy oh boy do they help clean the pearlies in my mouth. After our morning stroll through the neighborhood we decided to visit my Mamaw and Pampaw.

I am not sure if it is due to age but lately I am just not fairing well with car rides. I think my mom could tell so she allowed me to sit securely in the passenger seat. I do not know about you all but I doubt my mom will take me out of my booster seat anytime soon. Heck, I remember my brother telling me he was kept in his until the summer entering fifth grade. Honestly, I really am okay with it because it only shows how much I am loved.

The fun part came when after what seemed like a day’s worth of driving we arrived to my Mamaw and Pampaw’s home and no one was home. So we went around the block to my Tia’s (Aunt in Spanish) home and no one was home again. My mom decided to break into my Tia’s home! Well, not quite break in since she had my Tia’s permission but since the front door was locked we had to go through a window. I overheard her saying she was hoping some cute Sheriff’s officer would arrive after the alarm went off yet, none ever showed up.

Upon entering the home we stumbled across my cousin Payton’s toys. I injured my paw pad when I stepped on a miniature plastic toy. I was okay quickly after a few limping steps. Of course, to teach my cousin a lesson on just leaving her toys everywhere, I decided to hide it. **insert tons of laughs here** I have not heard if she has figured out it is missing yet or not. Time will tell.

We then came across my cousin Fiona who was home alone. She did not seem quite happy to have company more so because we must have interrupted her nap. I am starting to wonder if naps are a Chihuahua thing because every Chihuahua I know loves to sleep. I got to hang out with her and catch up. She told me that my grandparents dog Ouiser had gone to a new family and she was a bit lonely because of that but that she was getting better. I had a mini conversation with her about how I was able to recover from my loneliness after Layla had passed. She said she would do her best at moving on. I know it will take time and honestly, I still have not quite moved on. I still have moments of relapse.

A few factual tidbits about my cousin Fiona. First, she was a stray. One day she strolled upon the shop where my one day to be Tio (Uncle in Spanish) Nick was working. His heart melted upon seeing her so he decided to take her home with him. I am not quite sure the whole scenario seeing as I was not in their home during the moment however; I remember the conversation they had with my grandparents and she was immediately welcomed by everyone. My Tia took her to a day spa and they worked miracles on her. She was cleaned up and immunized and back she went into the arms of the people who were about to give her her forever home.

Friends meet Fiona. (We startled her)


4 thoughts on “Fiona

    • It was nice to finally get to meet up with her in person. It seemed every time we tried to get together life happened. Good thing for telephones. I happy to hear you are enjoying my blogs Mamaw Nena.

      Keep reading some interested things are coming.

  1. Fiona is a very loving dog and we are so glad she’s in a loving home. Can’t wait to read about their adventure again.

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