A little bit of Brownie and Eli

I was woken up about ten minutes ago by the sound of my text message notification. It was my cousin Brownie who text me to ask if I wanted to hang out with them {them being him and his younger brother Eli} later today. Brownie is a year older than I am so his insomnia is a lot worse than mine. (insert a yawn here)

This is how it all transpired.

Brownie: Bells wake up. You have two minutes to respond to me before I call and have your ring tone go off loudly by your ear.

Me: One snore after another. (now looking at the dimly lit phone screen with one eye closed and one eye partially opened) Nope, not happening. Another snore followed by the reminder notification. Now I was up.

What’s up Brownie? You do realize the time, right?

Brownie: Duh! Were you asleep? Sorry. I just figured you would be awake like I was. Anyhow. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and Eli later today. I thought maybe we could grab some lunch somewhere and maybe hit up a Petco or something. I have been wanting this new toy that apparently is indestructible. It is from the makers of Kong something. I did a few chores around the house and my Mom surprised me with a well starched $20 bill.

Me: That sounds like fun. I just have to make sure my Mom and brother did not have any plans. Who is going to take us. You know my doggy license was suspended after I drove my doggie wagon into that ditch for trying to drift. Before you say it, yes I know just because I love watching the Fast and the Furious movies does not mean to go out and try it. I just could not help myself, lesson learned.

Brownie: Bells, I was not even going to mention how stupid that was but since you did, it was stupid. However; like you said lesson learned. Well, I can see if I can sneak the keys to my Dad’s motorcycle but I am not sure if Eli would do okay with it. He is having some balancing issues right now. If not, we can figure something out. I wish the bus came by our house. I totally could take lead and ride the bus all around this city just like that dog did up in Seattle awhile back. Maybe, I can ask my Mom if she can drop us off at the park and ride and then we can ride the bus from there. Are you cool with riding public transportation?

Me: I have never gone alone before but I am sure I could be okay with it. I will just take my phone and my coin purse with some extra change. Plus my Mom is now making me carry a portable charger just in case of an emergency. You know how she is. So where do you want to go. We can go somewhere near here or halfway between the both of us.

Brownie: I tell you what, let me talk it over with my Mom and Dad and I will send you a text message later this morning. Eli is over here snoring away and I also need to get some sleep.

Me: Sounds like a plan but can I just throw it out there that I have been craving some Chipotle. I love their chicken bowls.

So with that last text message I placed my head back onto my feather pillow and slowly returned to my slumber.


4 thoughts on “A little bit of Brownie and Eli

    • Myrtle, you most def should one day come around. I would love to show you Texas. It is really a big state and I am sure you will have a great time across the pond.

  1. I really enjoy your writing. I’m loving the way you incorporate Bella’s family into the story line. Great job. Look forward to the next one.

    • Thank you. I love my family and I love being able to do things with them. It had been a while since I could hang out with my cousin Brownie because he lived in California but now that live here we get to talk more and hang out more.

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