A cup of tea, a biscuit, and my friend Simon

Sorry for the MIA folks but I have been having the best summer ever! My close friend Simon paddled his way from across the “pond” Framlingham, Suffolk, England to be exact. I have been the best tour guide. Well, at least that is what he has told everyone back home.

I took him to the Tower of the Americas. That excursion was an excursion all in itself. Our elevator got stuck half way up to the observation deck! Needless, to say that my claustrophobia took a massive hit. Here we were almost 42 stories high surrounded with at least 10 other people. It was a nightmare. It took almost two hours for firefighters to rescue us. I did however, make a few new acquaintances. Or as my mom calls it, networking.

We walked the Riverwalk. He actually enjoyed that. I am not quite sure why, but there is not one thing I like about downtown. I think it is congested with so many cars that you can not walk comfortably nor safely. We took pictures at every corner as if we were both tourists. I had forgotten how silly he could be.

He was hoping to visit some of the other attractions such as Sea World and Fiesta Texas but seeing as they are not animal friendly my mom could only drive up along the side so he could see a few of the amusement park rides in action.

He did complain about the heat, I don’t blame him. I live here and I myself can not stand our climate forecast. He almost passed out on me on his third day here when our heat index hit 101. I should have been cautious with him but he wanted to tour the town. I told it was best if we just went to places that were indoors and had a/c.

I miss my ol’friend already. Luckily, he will be back for fall break and will celebrate Turkey day with us.

Bella's World meet Simon  (enjoying a romp at the dog park)

Bella’s World meet Simon
(enjoying a romp at the dog park)




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