Where did the Summer go???

Sorry folks for being out of touch here recently. I have been really busy. My mom, brother, and sister traveled to New Orleans in June and that allowed me time to hang out with my Pampaw and Auntie Gina for awhile. My mom actually had faith in me to stay home alone and well like the saying goes…What happens at home when mom is in New Orleans stays a secret.

My friend Lizzie and Emma came over the first night to keep me company as we were expecting a pretty decent size storm. We rented a few movies which kept me up way past my bedtime. I think my Pampaw knew something was up the next day when he came to check up on me and found me still asleep at 4:30 in the afternoon. Of course, my Pampaw was once young himself so I knew I could count on him to not mention anything to my mom about the pizza boxes thrown on the floor and the empty mangonada cups. Those three days were awesome.

My mom recently joined Tupperware and I the good daughter that I am have been helping her network her business. As much as I have been wanting to get my next blog post out to you all, I knew that getting this business up and going was important to her so I waited patiently. Along with this waiting, I have helped with walking the neighborhoods and leaving brochures. She seems to be doing well with it, so I will be understanding if she is not able to type up my postings when I am wanting them to be. I love seeing her smile when I stand guard as she unpacks her boxes and packs up her customer orders.

My friend Simon made his way back to England. He will be back during the holidays. I miss him already. We actually got to Skype last night. Apparently, he has met someone and will be bringing her down to meet me. All I know is, she better be nice to my best friend. Her name is Chloe and she is a French Bulldog. I will try to post a picture on my next post. He sent one to me on my phone but I still have not mastered how to use it and I just can not seem to see the pictures correctly. My brother keeps telling me that it is not something I am doing but something on Simon’s end.

My cousin Payton will be coming to visit me this weekend. I am really looking forward to hanging out with her. Now that she is a bit older, I actually enjoy her company. Back in the day, I would get really agitated with her but that did not lessen the amount of love I have for her. She is like my baby sister since my mom will no longer be having kids.

Well I must go now because I need to prepare for my mom’s birthday on Thursday. My sister just text and said we are taking her out to eat so I need to start the baking process.

Chocolate cake or German Chocolote cake…decisions decisions???



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