It’s almost Halloween

I have been MIA for a bit due to having been on restriction. See about a month ago I snuck out of the house to meet up with my friend Moses. He had invited me to catch a dollar movie with him so I thought why not. Well, wrong move.

I was busted! I must have not been fast enough because she caught mid way down the flight of stairs at our apartment complex. I lost usage of my cell phone and internet. I was literally limited to eating, sleeping, and watching Netflix alongside my mom or brother. Even my brother was following the rules this time. 😦

You would have thought he would have been on my side and would sneak my cell phone to me when my mom wouldn’t be looking but NO he wanted to play the good kid. I don’t blame him because he really is a good kid. My brother has never disobeyed our mom. I actually have much respect for him because of that. Unlike our sister, from the stories I have heard she used to sneak out when she was a teenager.

Oh yea, I received a package yesterday. I love receiving things in the mail. I enjoy walking with my mom to check our mailbox and seeing there is a surprise waiting for me.

As you all already know from a few postings ago, shortly after my mom and brother moved out I got very sick. A combination of depression and food allergies almost cost me my life. Luckily, my depression was swept away and we found a dog food company that saved my life. The gift was my little Halloween treat. They sent me a package of Carrot and Kale treats. I have yet to try these but I can just bet they will be tasty. I love all their products especially the Butternut squash treats.

Toodles for now folks!

❤ Bells




My Canidae Halloween treat

My Canidae Halloween treat (click on the picture to check out their website)


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