364 days until Christmas…again.

Yesterday, I celebrated Christmas with my mom and brother. We opened up our stockings. This year my mom was not able to get me an actual present but I am always thankful for the stuff she is able to get me. Despite the setback on the gifts with my name under the tree, she surprised me with extra goodies in my stocking.

In case, it has not been made public when I was four months old my Mom had them perform the surgery on me that took away any chance of I becoming a mother of my own. Due to this, I never had the chance to know what it was to be “mothering” until my brother got me my first “baby.” Since then they have always made sure that I have a baby or two throughout the house.

Here I am with one of the “babies” they bought me on their trip to IKEA earlier in the week.


This is one of my babies, her name is Belen

My brother said this time he opted to get me one that looked more like me so it could be more of my “baby” than the other ones I have had. I have had babies that were rats, pandas, bears, monkeys, and so many other stuffed animals.

I got a few other treats in my stocking like, another baby, two bags of Canidae soft chews one in Carrot and Kale and the other one is Bison and Pumpkin. They say that pumpkin is really good for the skin. I hope it keeps the wrinkles away.

I ripped through my stocking (okay not really) but I did enjoy sticking my snout in it to pull everything out.


My stocking that my mom bought me for my first Christmas. I hope to have this stocking for many years to come.


I hope everyone of my readers and followers had a wonderful and lovely Christmas.



❤ Bells




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