A night out with the Cousins


A few nights ago I was invited out to enjoy a night with my cousins. We weren’t sure where to spend our allowance until my cousin Brownie gave me a brilliant idea…Incredible Pizza. Where else could we play some arcade games and get a bite to eat all at the same time?? The pizza however, was not that great! Eli said that DiGiorno’s frozen pizza is much way yummier. We played some skee-ball where I might add I won almost 1000 tickets!!  I am so going to get myself that mini drum set, but I only need 9000 and something more in tickets. <insert SAD face> Of course, Brownie had to come and gloat on how he scored 20,000 tickets on the stop the light game. His niceness shined when he saw how sad I was with my low number of tickets and he gave me some of his. The icing on the top layer of the cake was when Brownie won me one of these rainbow babies. I have the best cousins ever!!

I love spending time with them. I believe family should always spend time with each other.

Now for some sad news, my friend Moses will be moving away. His dad got a new job in Dallas and they will moving in the next few weeks. Luckily, since his dad and my mom are good friends we will still be in each other’s lives. I received the bad news after I got home from our cousin’s night out. He left me a very sad voicemail but since it was really late I did not respond until the next day. We spoke for the better part of an hour and I think there is more he wants to divulge on but I was afraid to continue the conversation for fear he got a bit deep. Moses is a deep thinker…if you know what I mean. On the positive at least Dallas is only five hours away so I am sure my mom and I will be doing a few road trips.

PS…I think Brownie deserves a big, big balloon bouquet so I left my mom a little message last night.

“Mom, can I have an extra $40 added to my allowance this month?” sadly no response yet. <insert DOUBLE SAD face>



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