A Lover’s Triangle


What a Rascal!!!!

I came home yesterday from visiting my Tia in the hospital. She was admitted due to some complications with her pregnancy. Yea folks, she is having another child. I love my cousin “Baconator” but I am not sure if I will be able to handle two of “them.” I guess only time will tell.

Anyhoo, I had forgotten my cell phone at home since it was a quick out the door type of thing. Well, low and behold I came home and found this picture on my Pawbook timeline. It seems that this hussy has been spending time with MY Simon! Yikes hold up, let me do a rewind. Okay, Simon’s Mom was transferred here to this wonderful (not) city of mine for her job. They have been living here in town since the middle of October. I thought we were dating. We go out often to the movies or dinner and there have been numerous times he just comes over and watches Netflix with the family. I mean geez, we even muzzled bump.

My good friend Emma was the one who text me to give the news about this Dog posting the picture. Word to the wise, when your mom or parents tell you to keep ALL social media private it would be best to adhere to their guidelines. Should I have done that, this would not have been put out there for the world to see.

  1. She should have had the decency to not mess with someone else’s pup.
  2. I have now realized he is just as GUILTY!!!!
  3. What am I saying, there is NO 3. These two deserve each other!

Good Riddance!!




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