All I got were pictures…oh and a magnet

My siblings and Mom went on holiday last month. They took a drive to California to visit San Francisco. Along the way they made a short few hours detour to see “The City of Angels.”

As with any holiday they take, I am not able to come along. Luckily, for me one of my mom’s co-workers came to check on me daily. She was really nice. She gave me all the belly rubs I wanted. She also knew how much my mom missed me and worried about me that she took several pictures of me and sent them to her to help ease her mind. I just want to make it known that if my mom and siblings take anymore trips on which I can’t come along, I definitely want Mrs. Z to come to my rescue.

Although, I was a bit sad that they left me behind I had a grand time with my old pal, Romeo. We watched Netflix every night. I would sneak him in after Mrs. Z would leave for the night. I know, I know, I should not have disobeyed the house rules. I just couldn’t help myself. My pal Romeo has been an amazing friend my entire life. For the most part, we watched a lot of HGTV shows which are on Netflix. We did slightly expand our viewing to a few cooking shows as well. You can say I did learn my lesson from last summer when I sort of hosted the party which got of hand. So this time around there were zero parties on my end even if Romeo did his best to convince me. I. stood. my. ground. My biggest dream is to learn how to cook but for now, I will just enjoy my mom doing it for me. Yes, go ahead and call me SPOILED because I am.

Here is the collection of pictures I received from my siblings while they were on the trip.

And of course, my pal Romeo. He can be a Diva. 🙂




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