Back to school equals Naps, Naps, and Naps

Today was day two of my brother returning to school. It was great having him for the summer. We spent countless days hanging out. He even attempted to teach me a new trick or two. Of course, I mastered the new tricks for a few weeks and then I lost interest. For the most part, I spent my days watching him from the comforts of his bed. I enjoyed watching him bounce back and forth on this funny chair which I heard him refer to as a computer chair from time to time. He played computer games and Xbox games with friends near and far. He seems to be a professional with this game. I think it is called CSstop or was it GOC3, I can’t remember. I just know he is really good. He seems to be very passionate about it because there were some days I heard him yelling into his microphone. Sometimes, I have heard that people will raise their voice a bit more than normal when they are passionate about something.

Since he has returned back to school all I can find time to do is NAP. Like seriously, I should be awarded a gold medal for Napping Champion. I think I easily slept almost 22 hours and 20 minutes today. I am already looking forward to my naps tomorrow. #napgoals

On our walk today we stopped to check the mail and when we got back home my name was said during Mail Call. YAY!! I love receiving surprises. It was a package from my favorite people, Canidae Dog Food. They sent me a bag of chewy treats. These treats are amazing! All the flavors they have sent me have all been the best. My favorite thus far is this one. It had cherries in it. This was my first time every trying cherries. It was a weird taste at first but, I fell in love. I asked my mom if she could buy me some this weekend. She told me she would and would even make my favorite homemade meal this weekend. In case, I have never told you all my favorite homemade meal is ground turkey, squash, zucchini, and carrots all mixed together and baked in individual servings of a muffin pan. This time though I asked my mom to add cherries to the mix. Yum! I can’t wait to try it out.




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