Is Modeling in my Future??

Backdrop: My cell phone vibrates off the ottoman signaling a call being received

Me:  Hola

(my cousin) Brownie: Hey Bells, guess what!

Me: What? You won the Lotto?

Brownie: Ha! No, I wish. This past weekend my folks and the siblings went to get some dinner. There was a family out in the courtyard taking what looked like family pictures and as I walked by the photographer lady smiled at me.

Me: Cool, where did ya’ll go eat? My mom treated to me to a philly cheesesteak sandwich this weekend. It was so good. She also surprised me with carrot cupcakes.

Brownie: Bells, stay focused here. It is not about where we went to dinner but what happened during dinner. The lady photographer approached my parents about me being in a photo shoot. She said I had nice coloring and a spunky personality. I spent the entire drive home finding ways to convince them.

Me: Well, did you? Are they going to allow you?

Brownie: Yes, Bells!! They did. I had the photo shoot yesterday and it was so much fun. I even got to wear different outfits but they looked funny so I opted out of the rest.

Me: Really? What sort of funny outfits? Funny as in the yellow submarine costume my mom made me wear one year?

Brownie: Not quite that funny but close enough. My mom really had fun. My dad just laughed the entire time, you know him.

Me: So, are you going to be in magazines or what? I think I would make a good model, what do you think? I mean, everyone states I am photogenic.

Brownie: Hey Bells, my mom is calling me to pick up my toys. I will call you later. I will text you one of the pictures so you can use it as my contact pic.

Me: Cool! See you later.

thinking to myself…could I be a model?




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