Gizmo equals California Sunshine

I received a text the other day from my cousin, Gizmo in California to see how the family has been. I gave him the regular low down on everyone, my brother has become a jock, my sister has not changed any, and I still love my naps.He said next time my family went to Cali to sneak into the luggage and go for a visit.

Do any of you all at times find it hard to muster the courage of asking your parents about something you especially want?

I would love to go visit my cousin in San Diego during Christmas break but I am so afraid my mom will say no. After all, I would be traveling alone either by air or by ground. Plus, honestly, I don’t think I myself have the courage to go alone. You hear so many bad and horrible things on the news now a days and that makes me so fearful.

Gizmo said he would ask his mom if they could meet me halfway…maybe pick me up in Arizona.

I can just see me now…walking down Santa Monica Pier or even shopping in San Diego.

Any advice on how to ask my mom???




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