Lunch Date gone bad


My first lunch date behind mom’s back and it went from good to bad in less than 20 seconds. I decided to invite my good friends Dahlia and Daisy over for some scrumptious Turkey and Vegetables that my mom made the night before. All was going well…until Dahlia decided she wanted to sit on my side of the sofa. I take full responsibility because although Daisy has been over a few times, Dahlia had never been. I should have given her the house rules up front.

See, let me make it clear…the IKEA Sofa is MY sofa. This is just common knowledge at home already. I mean, even my brother knows that every inch of that sofa is my personal property. I won’t lie though, he will try his best to control it but in the end, I win and he retreats to his room.


After we finished lunch we thought it would be a great idea to retreat back to the living room and watch a movie. My mom had earned a free Vudu Movie code and she had used it to purchase Neighbors 2. I remember hearing her tell my brother that she had until the next day available to watch, in case he wanted to see it as well. So as I gracefully trekked from the dining room to the living room to make my presence known on my comfy sofa, when low and behold Dahlia carelessly ran past me and knocked me down. She sprinted right up onto the sofa and took residence in my corner.

After all the jabs, pushes, and shoving we decided to compose ourselves back to a very lady-like demeanor.

In the end, my mom came home early and was not a happy camper with how the sofa was left. As you can see it, it was not looking very pretty.

Punishment phase began about 2 minutes later and now I am grounded until tomorrow.

(Thanks Dahlia)



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