It has been way toooo long!!!

Howdy friends!!

I know I have been MIA but life has been keeping me busy. First, I did some traveling with my best buds, Daisy and Dahlia. We took are spring worthy figures and took a drive to Lake Travis. My Mom rented a kayak and we took in the scenery. She was extra loving when she saw we were becoming famished so she treated us to a little slice of East Side Pie.

It was scrumptious!!

We also took up a part time job. We started helping out at a little fancy bistro in the neighborhood. We get paid peanuts compared to the German Shepherds, Boxers, and Pit Bulls. This wage gap needs to be worked on! Totally not fair. Anyhoo, we get paid to “bus” the tables which for us just means going around and eating everything that has fallen to the floor. 🙂 Like seriously, I scored a huge slice of Tiramisu. This little part time job also brought some other goodies per say. Dahlia has started a little work place romance with Cleetus, a four year old Boxer. Daisy and myself both told her work place romances never end well but she refused to listen to us. So they have been “dating” for about five months now. I put dating in parenthesis because her parents do not know. I can tell you if her Dad, Mr. Z found out, he would have his Corvette in that restaurant parking lot in zero to 60 in 2 seconds! He made it clear to them no dating until high school even then but Dahlia is Dahlia. We have been covering for her as much as we can. So far so good.

Summer arrived and needless to say our spring bodies just did not progress to a “summer” bod, no biggie we just strut our rolls like Divas.

Well, I best be signing off now. My mom is begging me to hang out on the sofa with her for a bit. I am not sure what has been up with her lately, I think she feels my brother and I are growing up more and more every day and we don’t want to have quality time with her. But hello…we are both teenagers! Parents are just so not hip!



❤ Bells

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Dahlia being Majestic..secret text she sent Cleetus