Darla the flirt


Dahlia flirting with the guy in the next car as we were leaving Olive Garden ❤

My girl Darla decided to invite me to Olive Garden for lunch the other day. Her mom, Mrs Z. was kind enough to give me a lift since my Mom has been back at work.

#corvettelife #coolcar #notmymomscorolla 

We talked about work, our upcoming girls weekend getaway, #adulting, and of course BOYS!

She was about to go into detail about her first quarrel with Cleetus when we were interrupted by those scrumptious never ending breadsticks. #carbislife

Apparently, she was to meet him at the library last week and her parents were not keen on allowing her to go by herself (Daisy and I were both working that day) so she told him she couldn’t go. After some going back and forth with her mom, Mrs Z. decided to drop her off for an hour. She wasn’t able to call and give Cleetus the good news since he doesn’t have a cell phone so she just figured she would surprise him. Well, SURPRISE!! She walked into the library and found Cleetus sitting a corner on a big bean bag with some other girl! She said she kept her cool as she was walking towards them but inside she wasn’t sure how to feel. He introduced the girl as his neighbor who just ended up being there at the same time. Fast forward to our lunch date and who do we see coming in as we are leaving, YUP Cleetus and Emilie. I was proud of my girl Dahlia, she showed she was mature. She said hello, hugged Cleetus hi and goodbye and then said she would talk to him later. #darlaisbecominganadult

On the drive to drop me off Mrs Z. told us that as we get older we are going to have many heartbreaks before we find the “one” but that each heartbreak will shape us in different ways. Do all MOMS use that same line? I could have sworn my mom said the same to me. 

Who needs boyfriends when we have each other! #girlsrule 






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