Fright Fest

Last night was a night of rebelling!! Well, not really seeing as we had parent permission but it sounds so much cooler adding the word “rebelling.” Doesn’t it? My mom dropped me off at Dahlia’s and Daisy’s so we could do movie night. The usual titles were on the menu; Finding Nemo, Cars, The Muppets take Manhatthan (thank you HULU) and of course, Little Mermaid. Daisy surprised us by suggesting a few scary movies. After a few minutes back and forth we decided on The Conjuring

Snapped this of the girls during 


The movie was awesome!!! It made remember the days of watching scary movies with my best friend Layla. It also taught me to always ask the history of a home before making my entrance. Last thing I would want is to become possessed with some spirit from a past lifetime especially one during an era where the clothes were not cool at all. 

#alwaysremembered #foreverinmyheart  

Mrs. Z. was really cool. She made us some carrot and squash cupcakes and she even bought us some awesome caramel flavored popcorn. We ended the night with a Greenie each. We now have permission to watch one scary movie a month. Looks like our parents are finally realizing that we are growing up. #nolongerbabies #nolongerachild





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