The Cape

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a game of Settlers of Catan with Yogi. #germanboardgames

My mom had some extra flight miles so we decided it would be nice for me to have a little getaway up to the Cape.

So off I went.

I arrived on the 9th early in the day and immediately Yogi’s family was there to pick me up from the airport.  The flight attendants were really awesome and extremely helpful as I was flying alone for the first time. #shoutouttoSWA

We grabbed some lunch and then headed to Oyster Beach where Yogi’s Dad had to help me with my fear of the ocean. He was very patient with me. He carried me out on the sand and stood next to me the entire time. He let me ease into the water all on my time. The ocean was beautiful!! I hope my mom and siblings can take a trip up here.

We have been exploring different places a little each day. Yogi’s parents usually will drop us off and then periodically check up on us with a phone call. My favorite so far has been Chatham Lighthouse. Coming in close second would have been our visit Chatham’s Godfrey Windmill. I love the never ending supply of seafood!!

#seafoodfordays  #salmonislife

It is nice because back home I usually only have seafood when my mom and I go out to eat since my siblings are not big seafood individuals.

Many more adventures on the horizon but in being honest, I sure do miss home. I miss my mom, brother, and sister (even though I don’t see her as often as I would like). Maybe I am not so much a teenager after all. Can’t wait to see them when I land on the 13th. #twomoredaystogo

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Yogi deep in concentration 

(love and missing you Mom and Boy)