Winter Jacket


Another year of gifts and family gatherings have passed. I am super blessed to have family that are as loving as mine. I spent Thanksgiving at home because I was feeling a bit under the weather. These Texas allergies are no joke. I was a bit sad when I found out that my cousin Jerry had driven down with my Uncle and spent the day with the family. My mom said he is very “regal”, whatever that means. 

Christmas was fun. I tagged along and went to my Great-Grandmother’s home for awhile but my anxiety level went through the roof. I ended up having to come back home. It was fine though, I had mom turn on the TV and was able to catch up with some shows I had fallen behind on. My gifts were awesome! I received this amazing indestructible ball from my friends over at Candiae. I have been playing with this thing for two weeks now and boy this thing really is indestructible. I also love that you can put treats inside of it which allows me to practice my motor skills. 

I sent some cute toys to my cousin Jerry for Christmas. I hope he enjoys them. By the way, isn’t he adorable in his winter jacket?? #jerryiscute 



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