Cuddle Bugs


A few weekends ago I asked my Mom if she would drive me over to visit these two rascals. I am starting to feel with each passing day all my friends just want to spend their days in bed. Like come on…we aren’t senior citizens.

They refused to get out of bed so I snapped a pic and decided to capture the moment and then join them. Auntie Sam rewarded us with a Petsmart trip. YAY!!! On the drive over, I was telling her how we had stopped buying Greenies and started buying Whimzees. It is a great European company based out of Holland. And everyone knows European companies are much better, Much Better than American companies. Now, before you bash me, I say this because the EU regulates products at a much stricter level than the FDA does for American companies.

I had a few extra dollars left over from my allowance so I decided to treat them to one. I was also telling them that I started a new food and how it is amazeballs. I told my Mom how I had noticed a big difference in my coat. It is now shiny and sooo soft. Even though the previous food still had 4 stars on dog-advisor, it had a lot of starch. Starch from what my Mom and I were told is bad. One, it turns into sugars which causes teeth plaque/tarter to accumulate at a faster pace. Two, starch is bad in general and the previous food I was eating had potatoes in it.

Click the Zignature image to the right to read all about the new food I am enjoying——>

We then went back to their home and enjoyed some Netflix until my Mom came to pick me up. We watched Dexter. I never got the chance to watch it from the beginning because Mom said it was too gory and she didn’t feel I would understand it was fictional.

Let me just say this…Dexter is DA BOMB!!! Oh my gosh, I never thought shows like that would have a following but wow, the plot is amazing. I was on pins and needles.

I continued watching at home. I even got my Mom to sit on the sofa with me and enjoy a few episodes. Even though I saw the last season, I think I will just watch all the way through again because I don’t remember much from the last season. I even got permission to watch the show during the day while Mom and brother are at work/school. I just had to promise that I would not watch within 30 minutes to my nap times. My Mom didn’t want me to have nightmares and no one would be around to wake me up from them. I love how they look out for me. I don’t know what I would do without my Mom or my brother.

By the way, did I mention my Mom made me an appointment for a Spa Day. Apparently, I will be having a Blueberry Facial done. I am sooo super stoked about it.


❤ Bells




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