All About Bella

Where to begin, well my lineage is a bit fuzzy. My full name is Bella Lulu and I was born on March 12, 2010. My best bud Layla stated I am a mixture of all, making me a “Special” hybrid however, I hear lots of people refer to me as a Mutt. My birth mother who was named Gracie was a True Aztec Warrior Princess and all I know about my birth father is through DNA testing. The testing resulted in that he is of Italian descent through Greyhound ancestry.

The remainder of who I am is made possible through my adopted mother, Valerie. She has been able to give me a great home, siblings who love and adore me, grandparents who have shown me so much love that I never thought was possible, and a best friend who will always be in my heart. She has taught me about my ancestors and my heritage. 

In order to move forward in my life, I must not forget the ancestors who came before me.

Photo Credit: Obey the Pure Breed

Photo Credit: Cafepress


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