My Familia

I have to give mention of my beautiful family because if not for them I would not be where I am today.

First and foremost, my Mom. She is amazing. She has been raising me on her own since I stepped foot into her living room in May of 2010. She is an amazing and strong character. If not for her typing skills I would not be able to continue on this journey. So for that I would like to thank my mom Valerie. I love you Mom.

Second, my brother. From day one we immediately grew a bond that no one can break. Of course, now that he entered the teenage years he tends to play with me a little less but when those moments happen the love he has for me are apparent. He may not know this but I still do a nightly check by his bedroom door just to make sure he is sleeping soundly. I love you Killian (we all call him Kills.)

Third, my sister. We did not immediately connect as my brother and I did. It took me a bit longer to come around to her. I will be honest and say I was a bit jealous because she was her daughter first. I think she also sort of harbored a few ill feelings because I got carried a lot in the beginning and our Mom was always buying me toys and not her. I think she had forgot she was in high school and no longer played with toys. We may not have the close relationship that my brother and I have to this day but I know my sister Danielle (she likes to go by Dani) loves me as she knows I love her.

Lastly, my eternal best friend Layla (Jack Russell terrier.) She was my companion from day one. I did not get to interact with her until close to a month after I arrived because my family and my Pampaw were afraid she was going to beat me up. I will be upfront and state that on that first day of our meet she sat on me a couple of times. It was like our very own WWE match. From that day on, we were inseparable. She taught me so many things, things that to this day I do. My most memorable memory of her was one night my family wanted to watch this movie named Piranha and Layla and I begged my Mom to let us watch it with them. Even though she was considered the Bully of the neighborhood she had a soft heart. She was so scared of the movie that I had to hug her to calm her down. My beloved best friend past away May of 2014 from a horrible condition called Heart-worms. The Vet assured us she went peacefully. I miss her very much to this day.

PS, I also want to give a mention too my grandparents. My Pampaw and Mamaw took me in from the start. They never treated me less of a grandchild than the rest of their grandchildren clan. I love them dearly.


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