364 days until Christmas…again.

Yesterday, I celebrated Christmas with my mom and brother. We opened up our stockings. This year my mom was not able to get me an actual present but I am always thankful for the stuff she is able to get me. Despite the setback on the gifts with my name under the tree, she surprised me with extra goodies in my stocking.

In case, it has not been made public when I was four months old my Mom had them perform the surgery on me that took away any chance of I becoming a mother of my own. Due to this, I never had the chance to know what it was to be “mothering” until my brother got me my first “baby.” Since then they have always made sure that I have a baby or two throughout the house.

Here I am with one of the “babies” they bought me on their trip to IKEA earlier in the week.


This is one of my babies, her name is Belen

My brother said this time he opted to get me one that looked more like me so it could be more of my “baby” than the other ones I have had. I have had babies that were rats, pandas, bears, monkeys, and so many other stuffed animals.

I got a few other treats in my stocking like, another baby, two bags of Canidae soft chews one in Carrot and Kale and the other one is Bison and Pumpkin. They say that pumpkin is really good for the skin. I hope it keeps the wrinkles away.

I ripped through my stocking (okay not really) but I did enjoy sticking my snout in it to pull everything out.


My stocking that my mom bought me for my first Christmas. I hope to have this stocking for many years to come.


I hope everyone of my readers and followers had a wonderful and lovely Christmas.



❤ Bells



It’s almost Halloween

I have been MIA for a bit due to having been on restriction. See about a month ago I snuck out of the house to meet up with my friend Moses. He had invited me to catch a dollar movie with him so I thought why not. Well, wrong move.

I was busted! I must have not been fast enough because she caught mid way down the flight of stairs at our apartment complex. I lost usage of my cell phone and internet. I was literally limited to eating, sleeping, and watching Netflix alongside my mom or brother. Even my brother was following the rules this time. 😦

You would have thought he would have been on my side and would sneak my cell phone to me when my mom wouldn’t be looking but NO he wanted to play the good kid. I don’t blame him because he really is a good kid. My brother has never disobeyed our mom. I actually have much respect for him because of that. Unlike our sister, from the stories I have heard she used to sneak out when she was a teenager.

Oh yea, I received a package yesterday. I love receiving things in the mail. I enjoy walking with my mom to check our mailbox and seeing there is a surprise waiting for me.

As you all already know from a few postings ago, shortly after my mom and brother moved out I got very sick. A combination of depression and food allergies almost cost me my life. Luckily, my depression was swept away and we found a dog food company that saved my life. The gift was my little Halloween treat. They sent me a package of Carrot and Kale treats. I have yet to try these but I can just bet they will be tasty. I love all their products especially the Butternut squash treats.

Toodles for now folks!

❤ Bells




My Canidae Halloween treat

My Canidae Halloween treat (click on the picture to check out their website)

Where did the Summer go???

Sorry folks for being out of touch here recently. I have been really busy. My mom, brother, and sister traveled to New Orleans in June and that allowed me time to hang out with my Pampaw and Auntie Gina for awhile. My mom actually had faith in me to stay home alone and well like the saying goes…What happens at home when mom is in New Orleans stays a secret.

My friend Lizzie and Emma came over the first night to keep me company as we were expecting a pretty decent size storm. We rented a few movies which kept me up way past my bedtime. I think my Pampaw knew something was up the next day when he came to check up on me and found me still asleep at 4:30 in the afternoon. Of course, my Pampaw was once young himself so I knew I could count on him to not mention anything to my mom about the pizza boxes thrown on the floor and the empty mangonada cups. Those three days were awesome.

My mom recently joined Tupperware and I the good daughter that I am have been helping her network her business. As much as I have been wanting to get my next blog post out to you all, I knew that getting this business up and going was important to her so I waited patiently. Along with this waiting, I have helped with walking the neighborhoods and leaving brochures. She seems to be doing well with it, so I will be understanding if she is not able to type up my postings when I am wanting them to be. I love seeing her smile when I stand guard as she unpacks her boxes and packs up her customer orders.

My friend Simon made his way back to England. He will be back during the holidays. I miss him already. We actually got to Skype last night. Apparently, he has met someone and will be bringing her down to meet me. All I know is, she better be nice to my best friend. Her name is Chloe and she is a French Bulldog. I will try to post a picture on my next post. He sent one to me on my phone but I still have not mastered how to use it and I just can not seem to see the pictures correctly. My brother keeps telling me that it is not something I am doing but something on Simon’s end.

My cousin Payton will be coming to visit me this weekend. I am really looking forward to hanging out with her. Now that she is a bit older, I actually enjoy her company. Back in the day, I would get really agitated with her but that did not lessen the amount of love I have for her. She is like my baby sister since my mom will no longer be having kids.

Well I must go now because I need to prepare for my mom’s birthday on Thursday. My sister just text and said we are taking her out to eat so I need to start the baking process.

Chocolate cake or German Chocolote cake…decisions decisions???


A cup of tea, a biscuit, and my friend Simon

Sorry for the MIA folks but I have been having the best summer ever! My close friend Simon paddled his way from across the “pond” Framlingham, Suffolk, England to be exact. I have been the best tour guide. Well, at least that is what he has told everyone back home.

I took him to the Tower of the Americas. That excursion was an excursion all in itself. Our elevator got stuck half way up to the observation deck! Needless, to say that my claustrophobia took a massive hit. Here we were almost 42 stories high surrounded with at least 10 other people. It was a nightmare. It took almost two hours for firefighters to rescue us. I did however, make a few new acquaintances. Or as my mom calls it, networking.

We walked the Riverwalk. He actually enjoyed that. I am not quite sure why, but there is not one thing I like about downtown. I think it is congested with so many cars that you can not walk comfortably nor safely. We took pictures at every corner as if we were both tourists. I had forgotten how silly he could be.

He was hoping to visit some of the other attractions such as Sea World and Fiesta Texas but seeing as they are not animal friendly my mom could only drive up along the side so he could see a few of the amusement park rides in action.

He did complain about the heat, I don’t blame him. I live here and I myself can not stand our climate forecast. He almost passed out on me on his third day here when our heat index hit 101. I should have been cautious with him but he wanted to tour the town. I told it was best if we just went to places that were indoors and had a/c.

I miss my ol’friend already. Luckily, he will be back for fall break and will celebrate Turkey day with us.

Bella's World meet Simon  (enjoying a romp at the dog park)

Bella’s World meet Simon
(enjoying a romp at the dog park)



A little bit of Brownie and Eli

I was woken up about ten minutes ago by the sound of my text message notification. It was my cousin Brownie who text me to ask if I wanted to hang out with them {them being him and his younger brother Eli} later today. Brownie is a year older than I am so his insomnia is a lot worse than mine. (insert a yawn here)

This is how it all transpired.

Brownie: Bells wake up. You have two minutes to respond to me before I call and have your ring tone go off loudly by your ear.

Me: One snore after another. (now looking at the dimly lit phone screen with one eye closed and one eye partially opened) Nope, not happening. Another snore followed by the reminder notification. Now I was up.

What’s up Brownie? You do realize the time, right?

Brownie: Duh! Were you asleep? Sorry. I just figured you would be awake like I was. Anyhow. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and Eli later today. I thought maybe we could grab some lunch somewhere and maybe hit up a Petco or something. I have been wanting this new toy that apparently is indestructible. It is from the makers of Kong something. I did a few chores around the house and my Mom surprised me with a well starched $20 bill.

Me: That sounds like fun. I just have to make sure my Mom and brother did not have any plans. Who is going to take us. You know my doggy license was suspended after I drove my doggie wagon into that ditch for trying to drift. Before you say it, yes I know just because I love watching the Fast and the Furious movies does not mean to go out and try it. I just could not help myself, lesson learned.

Brownie: Bells, I was not even going to mention how stupid that was but since you did, it was stupid. However; like you said lesson learned. Well, I can see if I can sneak the keys to my Dad’s motorcycle but I am not sure if Eli would do okay with it. He is having some balancing issues right now. If not, we can figure something out. I wish the bus came by our house. I totally could take lead and ride the bus all around this city just like that dog did up in Seattle awhile back. Maybe, I can ask my Mom if she can drop us off at the park and ride and then we can ride the bus from there. Are you cool with riding public transportation?

Me: I have never gone alone before but I am sure I could be okay with it. I will just take my phone and my coin purse with some extra change. Plus my Mom is now making me carry a portable charger just in case of an emergency. You know how she is. So where do you want to go. We can go somewhere near here or halfway between the both of us.

Brownie: I tell you what, let me talk it over with my Mom and Dad and I will send you a text message later this morning. Eli is over here snoring away and I also need to get some sleep.

Me: Sounds like a plan but can I just throw it out there that I have been craving some Chipotle. I love their chicken bowls.

So with that last text message I placed my head back onto my feather pillow and slowly returned to my slumber.

El Mēxihcatl

I spent some time over at my Bis-Abuela’s yesterday. For those who are wondering what a Bis-Abuela is, that is the Spanish term for Great Grandmother. My Tío Abuelo (Great Uncle in Spanish) Tito lives with her. As you can see from the picture he is a very smooth looking Chicano. He is the neighborhood go to “Jefe.” People bring him many types of different offerings for his guidance and spiritual advice on many things.

I have never truly had the opportunity to ask my Tío Abuelo Tito about our ancestors and so I thought I would use the time I was visiting to do just that.

Me: Tio, why do the neighborhood dogs bring you offerings? Actually, why do the neighborhood animals bring you offerings. I have seen cats, birds, and even the rooster who lives on the next block come to your door.

Tio: Mija, long ago before we were San Antonio we were part of something bigger. Our Ancestors The Nahuas built the foundation of who we were to become in Tenochtitlan.

Me: Where is that Tio? I have never heard of the place. Is that here in Texas? Oh wait, is that the small town in Arizona where they tried to burn all the Spanish language books?

Tio: No, Mija. Tenochtitlan was founded way way back in the early 1300’s. We came together and with the help of other tribes, Tepanecs and Acolhua we formed the Aztec Empire.This Great Empire was our land until Los Conquistadores y La Malinche overpowered nuestra gente.

Me: Wow, that is a long time ago. How are you still alive?

Tio: Mija, (while laughing) I was not alive back then. I have kept our ancestors alive through our voices, our cuentos, most important la memoria de ellos. These are important for you to know. You can not go forward in life si no sabes where you come from. I am not just talking about who your birth mother was or who your dad was but from where WE actually come from. They come to me to hear the cuentos of their Ancestors. They bring offerings as a peaceful gesture.

Me: So, I come from this place too?

Tio, Si, Mija. You have Aztec blood in you. Tú eres indígena. Tú eres Aztecah.


Yesterday was a fun day. My mom actually allowed me to sleep a bit late. Can you believe I did not wake up until close to eleven! I woke up to the smell of banana blueberry pancakes browning on the griddle. It was awesome but due to the blueberries and almond flour being added I could not indulge in a taste. It is okay because my mom promised to make me some flour-less carrot pancakes tomorrow. For those who may not know but carrots are one of the BEST snacks you can feed your dog. I actually happen to like the crunchy texture of them and boy oh boy do they help clean the pearlies in my mouth. After our morning stroll through the neighborhood we decided to visit my Mamaw and Pampaw.

I am not sure if it is due to age but lately I am just not fairing well with car rides. I think my mom could tell so she allowed me to sit securely in the passenger seat. I do not know about you all but I doubt my mom will take me out of my booster seat anytime soon. Heck, I remember my brother telling me he was kept in his until the summer entering fifth grade. Honestly, I really am okay with it because it only shows how much I am loved.

The fun part came when after what seemed like a day’s worth of driving we arrived to my Mamaw and Pampaw’s home and no one was home. So we went around the block to my Tia’s (Aunt in Spanish) home and no one was home again. My mom decided to break into my Tia’s home! Well, not quite break in since she had my Tia’s permission but since the front door was locked we had to go through a window. I overheard her saying she was hoping some cute Sheriff’s officer would arrive after the alarm went off yet, none ever showed up.

Upon entering the home we stumbled across my cousin Payton’s toys. I injured my paw pad when I stepped on a miniature plastic toy. I was okay quickly after a few limping steps. Of course, to teach my cousin a lesson on just leaving her toys everywhere, I decided to hide it. **insert tons of laughs here** I have not heard if she has figured out it is missing yet or not. Time will tell.

We then came across my cousin Fiona who was home alone. She did not seem quite happy to have company more so because we must have interrupted her nap. I am starting to wonder if naps are a Chihuahua thing because every Chihuahua I know loves to sleep. I got to hang out with her and catch up. She told me that my grandparents dog Ouiser had gone to a new family and she was a bit lonely because of that but that she was getting better. I had a mini conversation with her about how I was able to recover from my loneliness after Layla had passed. She said she would do her best at moving on. I know it will take time and honestly, I still have not quite moved on. I still have moments of relapse.

A few factual tidbits about my cousin Fiona. First, she was a stray. One day she strolled upon the shop where my one day to be Tio (Uncle in Spanish) Nick was working. His heart melted upon seeing her so he decided to take her home with him. I am not quite sure the whole scenario seeing as I was not in their home during the moment however; I remember the conversation they had with my grandparents and she was immediately welcomed by everyone. My Tia took her to a day spa and they worked miracles on her. She was cleaned up and immunized and back she went into the arms of the people who were about to give her her forever home.

Friends meet Fiona. (We startled her)

Moses the Conspirator

Earlier in the week I had mentioned to my Mom that if I managed to do all my chores without once being asked could I visit my friend Moses at the end of the week. She stated she did not think there would be any problems in visiting him and she kept her word. The awesome thing about my friend Moses is that his Dad has been a long time friend of my Mom’s so hanging out with them is cool. We went over to visit them this evening and while my Mom and his Dad were catching up on life he decided to clue me in on his shenanigans.

Moses: So there is this Yorkie who moved in about two weeks ago. I have not been fully introduced to him but from what I have heard from the rest of the pack he is not nice at all. Emelie the Bichon Frise from apartment 2109 said that he bumped her while she was walking along in the dog park. You know me Bells, there is not one ounce of bad in my bones but this bully needs to learn his lesson.

Me: (looking at him with eyebrows wide up) Moses, dude I have known you for a long time and you do not have to tell me twice. I know you are nice. I also know that you care about your friends. I have heard you talk a lot about this Emelie and I would say it is safe to assume you have a mini crush on her. What can I do to help?

Moses: Well, since you asked. Okay, remember you promise this stays between you and me. The last thing I need is for my Dad to find out and then I get grounded. You and I know firsthand that being on restriction is no fun what so ever.

Me: (giggling my response) I promise. Trust me, I do not want to be grounded either. If my Mom finds out I am in on this plan of yours that is exactly what will happen.

Moses: (sits up straight and puts on this somber look) Okay, so you know how the city has an ordinance that all Owners must pick up the excrement of their animals. Well, my plan is that one night when my Dad retreats to his room I am going to take out all the poop bags from the leash container. That way when my Dad takes me out to do my business he will see there are no bags in there and he will be subjected to return back home to retrieve some. During this time period, I will pick up my waste and drop it off near their grassy area where everyone has seen him do his business. Then someone will end up being at liberty to say something to the office and both him and his owners will get reprimanded. What do you think?

Me: (face of confusion) Moses, that is the most grossest and weirdest thing I have ever heard. If I were you, I wouldn’t go through with it. Your dad will be severely disappointed in you. You will most definitely be grounded. I am not one to tell on others unless it involves life or death and seeing as well in my opinion this was dire I went to find my Mom to tell her. However; as I was telling the story both my Mom and his Dad walked over to the living room where he was at and low and behold he had deceived me. He was pretending to be asleep snoring away and all. Neither his Dad nor my Mom believed that we had just had a conversation.

Moses faking he is asleep

Moses faking he is asleep

Canidae Grain Free Dog Food Review

Hello All,

I wanted to take time today to conduct my first review on a product that changed and absolutely saved my life. Almost six months ago I went through a horrible ordeal with my health. I had lost almost 80% of my hair and dropped so much weight that my body began to look emaciated. My mom took me to see the Veterinarian who mentioned that I had started showing signs of a diabetic reaction to the corn and other fillers that were in the dog food I was being fed. It was strange to us all seeing as I had been fed all brands of dog food and had never had any health issues.

The Vet stated that I was what some could be referred to as a double whammy. You all know that I am both Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound and these breeds are known to have horrible food allergies. The double whammy caught up with me and in the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with a corn allergy. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with an allergy to wheat and soy.

My mom was having trouble finding a dog food that in essence would not get me sick or worse, kill me.

While we were shopping for a new baby for me we saw the shelf advertisement for Canidae dog food.

We got home and I immediately begged my mom to serve me some and Wowzers this stuff was amazeballs. I loved it so much that I begged my mom for a second serving. She gave in and I ate the entire second serving. This dog food is awesome. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE peas. This meal has peas and sweet potatoes. I quickly began to put my weight back on and my hair started to grow again. My outlook on life took a turn towards a brighter light. I had become embarrassed of how I had looked and it had slowly started me into my world of depression.

I started walking with my head held up high while out in public and I was now begging my mom to take me places with her.

If any of my online friends have any allergies to corn, wheat, and or soy then I absolutely recommend you try the Canidae Grain Free line dog food. I am also happy that they have their distribution plant here in Texas.

Happy Eating!!

It’s a Girls night :)

Today was a great day! My cousins came knocking on my door early this afternoon. They were wanting some company as they went shopping for an anniversary gift for their parents. It is my Aunt’s and her boyfriend’s seventh year anniversary today. We walked around Huebner Oaks and enjoyed some salted caramel frappuccinos. They purchased some scented candles from Bath and Body works and a lovely card from the Hallmark store.
My mom was kind enough to buy some movie snacks and we rented a few movies. I enjoy watching scary movies so after some much convincing, my mom allowed me to rent Ouija. My aunt was happy to hear that my Mom said it was okay that the girls were able to stay the evening so her and her boyfriend could enjoy a night out on the town.

Time to pop in the movie and pop some popcorn and enjoy a fun girls night in.

The girls waiting for the popcorn.

The girls waiting for the popcorn.